The preservation of western cultural and the American Cowboy. Sharing the history of the early trail drives, the Chuck Wagon and those who pioneered untamed land. The content is for educational and entertainment purposes. Cowboys and Chuck Wagon Cooking reviews cooking techniques, products and western gear which today is part of western life style. We hope you will enjoy your visit and look forward to comments, recipes and shared heritage. Thank you for your visit. Hope you follow us along the trail of news, stories and the Cowboy way.
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Meet your Host of Cowboys and Chuckwagon Cooking

Howdy folks. Welcome to your home of Cowboy and Chuck Wagon Cooking. We provide history on the American Chuckwagon that operated across the nation during the cattle drives along with the cookware of the Mid-1800's. Our site also covers general information, product reviews, stories that would be told around the camp fire and things of western culture.

I'm Roger Edison your host here at Cowboy and Chuckwagon Cooking. I hope you elect to follow us as new stories are added, additions to product reviews and reading the comments from our valued readers.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, I have been influenced by both the western culture and the history Texas offers. It is the birth place to the American Cowboy mastering the lessons from early Vaquero's that lead into the largest cattle drive in world history. 

I have owned horses, performed youth Rodeo's and always a Cowboy at heart. Joining the U.S. Navy at 19 years old, I served a 24 year career which took me to many parts of the world including tours in Asia for five years, two years operating in Central and South America. Operations in Africa and the Middle East. I did get an opportunity to see the world, but through it all, I'm still the Cowboy from back home Texas.

Today home is on the Texas Gulf Coast with my loving wife Tammy. Blessed with my daughter Jessica early in life, she currently reside in California with her husband Reggie.  Tammy and I have our one son Austin who like most boys at his age, is into video games and the computer. Nevertheless, Austin too enjoys rolling sourdough and cooking with a cast iron Dutch oven over an open fire of Mesquite coals.
Additionally, Austin has been credited with several awards for his cooking. Here's a great story about his competitiveness:

Growing up as a Cowboy, I  introduce western culture to my son at the historic King Ranch where he got to get hands on with the Chuck wagons crews. Since then, he has grown as fond of the Cowboy way and western culture as his dad. We hope our site is enjoyable for you and that you take the time to follow us too.

Thanks for dropping end. Ya' come back now ya hear!

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