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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I just receive today a quart of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. March begins the Maple Syrup season to harvest the sap from maple trees. The process we will cover later. However, for one gallon of this sweet healthy syrup requires processing 43 gallons of sap. The sap looks much like water with a sweet taste. I receive the B grade which is much darker in color than the A grade and is regularly used in cooking.

First thing I  plan to do, is toss a coin over making Hoe cakes or Pan Cakes. I haven't decided yet but will do this in the morning. Then take a few ounces and warm it up and pour over which ever of those cakes I decide I'm going to have for breakfast. Then, maybe review some Pork and Bean recipes that uses syrup. How do you like to use syrup?

UPDATE: I tried the syrup. It was great. You can get more information at  
It really made the flavor superb as I enjoyed breakfast. Oh, I flip the coin and Hoe Cake won....


  1. Nice blog! I love your photos of the cast iron cookware. Do you guys do Cheyenne Frontier Days? Going to check out your sourdough recipes now!

  2. Thank you for your comments. The Cheyenne Frontier Days host one of America's best Rodeo's and gatherings of Cowboys across the land. We hope to one day have the opportunity to travel there as I would love to go. However, it is not on our schedule for 2010. In addition, any direction or areas of western cooking that you desire, please let us know. Again, thank you for your comments.