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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Troy Texas FunFest Chuck Wagon Cook Off-Competition

The Troy, Texas Chamber of Commerce added an old fashioned Chuck Wagon Cook-Off during Fun Fest 2010 held April 17th. The annual Fun Fest includes having an opening parade lead by horse teams, arts and craft show, tough as nails car show, carnival, and other attractions that build city support also  held last weekend. Like many town festivals, the Fest concluded with its American Fire Work Show.

The Chuck Wagon cook off was the city's first Cook off Competition of this type. The Wagon teams from across Texas pulled into Trojan Park setting up over Friday night for the big Saturday Cook-Off. Despite heavy rains on both Friday and Saturday, the cook off was a big success.  

Each team prepared food for judging and to serve 40 plates to the public. Judging included chicken fried steaks, mashed potatoes and gravy, pinto beans, bread, and peach cobbler! In addition to the judging of their food, the teams were judged on their wagon's running gear, wheels, brakes, wagon box and hitch, chuck box, coffee grinder, supplies and utensils. Campsite is judged on layout and appearance, personnel in period clothing, canvas fly, wood poles, tie down ropes and stakes, tent and bedrolls, cook fire, pot rack, s hooks and tripod rack, wash basin, shaving and related items, lanterns, shovel, ax and wood saw, block and tackle, pulling and remuda ropes, saddle, bridle, blanket and hobbies.

"Those that came out, took a step back in time" stated David Jirasek of Jirasek Realty, a Commercial Real Estate Services. He continued stating "It was a small group. We learned a lot, and we hope the cooks enjoyed the cook off in Troy. It rained off and on Friday and Saturday cutting it a little shorter than planned, because of a storm that was headed for Troy
Saturday afternoon. I know the entire community in Troy is still talking about the chuck wagons. They loved it. Troy has never had anything like that

Results of the Chuck Wagon Cook off:

1st  Place Meat         Wagon Wheel C
2nd Place Meat         Rafter TS
3rd  Place Meat         Rocking T

1st  Place Potatoes   Wagon Wheel C
2nd Place Potatoes   Rafter TS
3rd  Place Potatoes   Rocking T

1st  Place Beans       Rocking T
2nd Place Beans       Rafter TS
3rd  Place Beans       Wagon Wheel C

1st  Place Bread        Wagon Wheel C
2nd Place Bread        Rocking T
3rd  Place Bread        Rafter TS

1st  Place Dessert     Rafter TS
2nd Place Dessert     Wagon Wheel C
3rd  Place Dessert     Rocking T

1st  Place Wagon      Wagon Wheel C
2nd Place Wagon      Rocking T
3rd  Place Wagon      Rafter TS

Overall Winner           Wagon Wheel C

Chuck wagon cooking has few changes from the days of the trail drives. While today some offer using larger fire boxes heating the array of cast iron dutch ovens an enamelware pots. They maintain a tradition using authentic wagons displaying an array of antiques that included cowboy gear, bed rolls and such. The American Chuck Wagon Association can provide information on hosting a successful competition. For more information about Troy, Texas Fun Fest to view activities from the car show, Parade and much more........

Story by Roger A. Edison
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1 comment:

  1. Great report on what looked to be a fun time. I came across your post in search of tips and techniques for cooking cowboy style or chuck wagon style. I really admire the grate shown in this picture below. It looks as if its adjustable to accommodate for the varying hot spots of a camp fire but also has a cross bar across the top for hanging ovens, pots, etc. Where did you get that great piece of hardware?