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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An the COW goes MOO

Perhaps only a child would give much thought to the reasons why a Cow goes most people listen to the sound yet ignore the reasoning of why the Cow makes the sound. I once was told it is because they can not enunciate the letter "N" to say moon. Though the Moos are how cows express their self and I too, have tried to listen with this astonish desire to understand. Animals talk. However, to best understand what they are saying, you have to stop, study and listen. Most cowboys just don’t have the time to sit around noting all day what and why a cows goes moo. Today, you don’t have too either.

An amazing woman born in Boston who for the most part was laughed at in “this is nonsense” attitude world did take the time to study why cows go moo. Why they tend to panic in stockyards and holding pens. Why cattle desire to move naturally in circles rather than in square corner cuts. She study how electric hot shot sticks are not as effective moving cattle if stockyards had been design to work for cattle. Her studies influence today’s architecture of stockyards designing pens with curves for dipping and loading because of its natural movement for cattle reducing stress. That’s one reason why cows moo. And much credit is due to the girl from Boston who took time to understand.

Stress and being uncomfortable makes even the best cowboy edgy. I don’t expect you to listen to me about why a cow goes moo. However, I would hope that cattle workers across the world take the time to read about the life of Dr. Temple Grandin, PhD. The story of a young girl with autism that educates herself to understand cattle better than the best of us cowboys. Many thought she was crazy until they listen to what she had to say. Even then, many still did not listen and continue doing things the hard way.

Temple Grandin
Too often, when things do not fit our prospective of normal, we become close minded and judgmental. Often this leads to teasing those who do not fit what we believe to be normal. However, Temple pushed forward leading the understanding to Animal Behavior. She has her own web site where she features several books, information on autism and cattle. If anyone understands cattle, its Temple Grandlin who today is a Professor of Animal Science University of Colorado. She has me listening and I have grasp a better understanding to why Cows go Moo.

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