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Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Cowgirl with her Guns Blazing"

The nostrils flared open wide. The white of the horse’s eye could be seen with the anticipation of commands from the reins. The ears rolled back as the hoofs begin into the galloping race. The echo of thunder rolls as the rider draws with their Cimarron .45 in hand blazing through squeezing off the first of five rounds from the pistol. Quickly holstering the pistol, a second .45 is drawn off the rider’s hip. Arm stretched out releases another set of burst targeting with the steady quick hand. Each round with actuate deadly force. In just seconds, the massive shoot out is finished. The rider’s adrenaline begins to slow down. The horse calms as it had been turned through its reining now allowed to walk. The palm sweat dries as the rider takes a deep breath looking back at the damage. This rider is Tammy Sronce, America’s number one ranked Cowgirl of the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association.

Tammy looks every bit the part of an American Cowgirl. She out rides trains and masters the field of horsemanship where only her accent gives away her native land of the Australia. Born in Perth, were she studied Psychology at Curtin University, the Australian native came to the United States after responding to an advertisement she saw in an Australian Equestrian Magazine. The ad was “Help wanted training cutting horses.” Tammy thought this would be a wonderful experience to travel to the United States and learn about American Cutting Horses. “I found the courage to come to Texas with just one suitcase and a lot of enthusiasm” states Tammy.

She started in Victoria, Texas learning about horsemanship. Then began working with the Oxbow Ranch, Weatherford, Texas with Lindy Burch who is the first woman to win the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity and the only woman to date winning the NCHA Open World Champion. Lindy worked both Oxbow Ranch North located in Carmel, California and Oxbow Ranch South in Weatherford, Texas. Tammy credits her skills through this experience working with Lindy. “She is a talented and dedicated horse trainer,” states Tammy who also makes her home today in Weatherford, Texas.

The charismatic cowgirl became interested in mounted shooting  less than a decade ago. After trying it out once, she became hooked on the sport. Tammy uses Cimarron Model P .45 pistols and the Cimarron Revolving Carbine for the rifle class. She is a two-time high point national champion, a two-time CMSA World Champion Cowgirl (2006 & 2008) and is a two-time CMSA National Champion Cowgirl (2007 & 2008). Tammy also claims Overall titles from both the Western (2007 &2009) and Eastern U.S. Championships (2006 & 2007 & 2008). Tammy Sronce also claims major rifle championships from the National, Eastern and Western Championships. She is also a past world record holder. In the team events, Tammy was named 'Top Team' in both the Open, and the Cowboy/Cowgirl divisions at the 2006, 2007 & 2008 CMSA World Championships, and the 2007 & 2008 CMSA National Championships. Tammy was the first Cowgirl competitor in CMSA to reach the Level 6 status, the first cowgirl to win an Overall High Point Championship, and the only person to ever sweep overall titles in all four major CMSA championships. Tammy Sronce is also one of only two ladies to ever win a CMSA Overall Rifle championship, against the cowboys.

Tammy also spends a great deal of time devoted to her fans. She receives numerous emails, letters and phone calls with questions that she answers pleasurably. Tammy shuffles a busy schedule being highly active assisting with the Mustang Heritage Foundation representing ACTHA, American Competitive Trail Horse Association, where Tammy represents them with various promotional venues. I asked Tammy about an upcoming ACTHA trail ride, “it’s an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest competitive trail competition on June 13th 2010, where we have over 65 rides planned , all on the same day, nationwide to aid horse charities. So that’s been really exciting.” Tammy states.
Tammy assist with equine clinics, the “Walkabout Tour” with Clinton Anderson, CMSA events promoting the line of custom mounted shooting saddles Tammy Sronce developed with Double J Saddlery, an advisory board member for 'Western Horseman' magazine, and a writer for 'Western Shooting Horse' magazine. Tammy is also a board member on the CMSA National Wrangler Committee.
Tammy who has adapted to Texas has brought her love of horses deep into the world of equestrians. She has earned a widespread reputation as a champion and provides training for horses and riders alike. While she states she has an uncanny ability to fix anything in the barn, and tear up anything in the kitchen, one will find an admiration about this top notch cowgirl that can hit anything in her sights. When I called her a modern day Annie Oakley, she giggled like one might picture a school girl with the blush in her voice saying, “I suppose you could say that.”

Training is available at the ranch. She can evaluate your horse and begin a training program. Here your horse can learn to accept gunfire and be introduced to the sport in an easy, non-threatening manner. She can be contacted through her web page; Texas Shooting Horses in Weatherford, Texas. Tammy has a true friendly character that is also willing to lend a helping hand. A love and affection that is seen through her work. Tammy is also one honorary Texan I’m proud to have in the Lone Star State.

Story by: Roger Edison


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