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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finding the Perfect BBQ Sauce

Man's desire to titillate his appetite has been a quest since the beginning of time. Once sitting amongst the wilderness, man built the first spit over an open fire roasting his trophy from the days hunt. The night would become a feast savoring the flavors of the natural smoke and juices of which the food offered.  Today, cinching the perfect blend for making rubs and sauces continues to be the quest when preparing for the best of tasting Barbecue. However, your quest in about to be revealed.

BBQ sauces come in many flavors from Mild works using Syrup and Molasses to extreme heat adding the utmost hottest selection of peppers. The Chuckwagon cook knew how to combine his mixture taking a selection of spices from his locked Toleware Box. After mixing in other special ingredients to balance the flavor that would pleased the working cowboys, they cook smoked his selection then mopped on this blend of spices that today we know as the term "SAUCE."

I pride myself on being able to barbecue mastering the fires which I lasso. I listen to everyone who's willing to boast about their secret blends or special techniques that will quiet the worst of  fault-finding critics. Then I found a special blend, one which perfects mans need to titillate his appetite. It wasn't a secret recipe handed down generation after generation. It was ready to use straight from the bottle.

Melanie's BIG ACRES Chipotle Maple BBQ Sauce.

Several things impressed me about the flavor. Chipotle is a hot pepper that dates back to the Mexico City Region prior to the Aztec civilization. Chuckwagon cooks have used this pepper in a wide array of foods from Texas Chili to Chuckwagon Stew. Knowing the label states Chipotle, I first taste tested the sauce ensuring it was not to flaming hot although the label indicates it is mild. And the taste of pepper was just enough to know it is in the mix without becoming overwhelmed. Matter of fact, my son Austin who does not like spicy hot foods like his Daddy loved the taste. That is the best way to state it's mild yet holds an excellent choice of flavor..

Next was reading the label showing it is "All Natural" no MSG, fat free and no preservatives. It's healthy...using pure maple Syrup, natural honey and Dark Molasses.

I was curious about "BIG ACRES" so I read more about the company becoming more impressed with Melanie and Kent Yunk who founded Melanie's Fine Foods in 2002. They both are former dot.comers who already had a superb skill with the computer industry. However, they both have a great passion about gourmet foods and natural life styles.

I enjoyed the taste. So did my visiting guest which gave it two thumbs Up...And they credit my skill when I know it sincerely is all about using the right sauces. Furthermore, my daughter is a vegan so I tried some of the sauce on the grilled Zucchini and once more, pleased by the superb taste that this sauce delivers. Melanie has other several other sauce blends, spices, rubs, smoke bags, Citrus Blasters and accessories for the person who enjoys eating healthy gourmet foods. Big Acres can gift wrap selections with Father's Day coming up or for that special person that might be hard to fine the right choice of gift.  I liked the taste best and that really matters the most in my book.

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