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Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have hauled several types of trailers and know having the proper equipment for the job is important. Also knowing how to use the equipment and setting things up has been comforting while driving with several thousands of pounds of weight behind me as I cruise down an interstate or very busy expressway.
HITCH-UP magazine  really helps answering many questions while providing the latest information on equipment. The reviews between trucks, gas saving tips and places to go are an asset besides just be interesting.

The magazine is part of AIM Media featuring key notes, on the go gear, truck savvy, Trailer Clinic, Hauling tips, U.S. Rider Community and members benefits. The focus is directed around equestrians and share interesting places to ride, comforts of safety, handling and makes for not only enjoyable but a necessary reading when it comes to going on the road hauling your horse.

This summer has been hot across the nation which the magazine also covered several important recommendations from proper ventilation for your horses, tire pressure to having a tuned-up engine for better performance and cooler operation of any vehicle. Check out the SUMMER ISSUE for some of these tips in HITCH-UP Magazine. AIM also is the publisher of many wonderful magazines including my favorite "American Cowboy."

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