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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Molly Rush "Law Enforcement to Silversmith" Molly's Custom Silver

Molly riding Katie
Molly Rush is the owner of Molly's Custom Silver where she began a trade out of the need of competitive pricing for the Awards of Trophy Buckles. A few years ago, her local equestrian club asked her, “What do you want for the Year End Awards.” The answer was easy for Molly. “I want a Trophy Buckle” stated Molly who has worked several disciplines both English and Western along with carriage driving skills. Although, the club could not afford expensive buckles being offered on the market ranging from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Molly researched the market of Trophy Buckles seeking an affordable means to develop the product without excessive costs that would meet any organization’s budget.

Molly began her equestrianism during childhood. Like many young girls growing up, she too, had the desire to own a horse. Although, this was not in the immediate family budget as Molly assisted her mother delivering newspapers. “We had a large route of approximately 600 customers,” states Molly as she explains her early life. “I was up at 2 a.m. to roll the newspapers, then ride along with my mother and throw them before school. My mother was smart; she strategically placed a large apartment complex at the end of our route which encouraged me too make good time so that my class mates did not see me throwing their newspaper. I would put on the canvas bags which carried the newspapers over my shoulders and run through the complex throwing papers hoping that no one was awake to see me!” states Molly. “After school we either canvassed new areas trying to sell newspapers or went to the presses and packaged up advertising inserts to have them ready for the Sunday newspaper.”

“My mother had horses before she had children. She always talked about her adventures and love of horses. When I was 12 years old and begging for a horse, she told me that I would have to earn the money before we could go look at any for sale. At that time we collected door to door with the newspaper route,” continued Molly.

Molly Rush Carriage Driving
“My mother found an untrained 2 year old quarter horse for sale. In order to buy the horse, we would have to collect $200 which the owners wanted for the horse. The newspaper was $2 a month so we had to hit 100 new customers first. My mother didn’t want to make this too easy for me, but we got it done,” stated Molly. “Babe” (registered as “Rosalito”) became my first horse,” Molly replied.

Her horse was untrained and the family lacked the funds to hire a professional trainer. Molly learned to become an equestrian through trail an error. Some might call it the school of hard knocks trying to ride before performing ground work. “Thankfully, Rosalito was a good minded horse that put up with me,” she added. Rosalito became Molly’s best friend as she spent ever available minute learning to ride, being bucked off and trying again. “The first time that horse went home without me, my mother panicked and searched for me. After that time she just told everyone “Don’t worry, Babe is here and Molly will soon be home.” Walking home after getting thrown a few times was the start of building my skills. Maybe not the best way, but it worked,” states Molly.

Since the days of her first horse, Molly has owned several different breeds of horses perfecting each riding style both Western and English. She also has learned from many great trainers. “I greatly value the lessons I learned while riding hunt seat and dressage using those skills in my western riding and carriage driving. I have a great respect for what we can learn from other disciplines, it is all related because no matter what breed or style you choose they are still horses and they still operate basically the same way, mechanically and mentally,” Molly stated. She currently owns a Paint Mare and a pair of driving Haflingers.

Molly Rush Orange County Sheriff Dept
Molly also had an interesting career joining the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy when she was 21 years old. Through her 28 years of law enforcement experience, she performed an array of duties from first jailing, administrative to becoming the 6th female officer to patrol in a department of 2,500 deputies. “It was just part of history as women were not accepted so easily to say the least but it all worked out,” tells Molly. Her other assignments included under-cover operations, Narcotics operations, Piloting the Department Helicopter and also perform special Mounted Patrol Operations much due to her horse experience.

The Mounted Enforcement Unit was manned by full time deputies that worked other assignments and then worked on horseback on weekends, special events or holidays. Molly added “Mounted Patrols have many advantages over foot or car patrols. You’re elevated and have a greater view in parking lots. The horse also works great with crowds.”

Molly used several different horses through her career. Before retiring, she purchased her Overo Paint “Katie.” The preferred horse of the department was large Bay Geldings. The department was not pleased with the lighter Buckskin Overo Mare. Although, there was no assignment to tough for Molly or her partner “Katie” nor any place she could not ride her with full control, including on the freeway, into buildings (one occasion into a restaurant) and even into a Photo booth during the Orange County Fair where she carries the photos still today. “My partners thought I was nuts asking the guy that operated the photo booth to allow us both in for a picture” Molly laughs about today.

“Katie” may not have been favored by other department members, although she did bring home the high score on the annual recertification testing for Orange County Sheriffs Department along with her superb performance outside the department. “Katie has never been spooked and loves children,” states Molly as she talked about working with her horse at elementary schools. While with the department, Molly also met her husband who also worked with the department.

Molly's Custom Silver
Since her retirement, she has created several businesses which keep her busy, including a Security Guard Agency and Real Estate. The buckle business started merely by accident when Molly realized the difficulty equestrian clubs had to afford superb quality trophy buckles. Molly’s first step in the business was contacting a silversmith whose father she had known while growing up. She explains what she desired and their aid directed her into the right path. Today, Molly’s Custom Silver has grown manufacturing USA made buckles for nearly any budget. Last year, Molly’s Custom Silver became a proud sponsor for ACTHA, the American Competitive Trail Horse Association. “ACTHA is a wonderful organization that provides much needed financial support to horse rescues all over the USA, great trail rides for members, a great fundraiser event for small clubs that host rides and they are very good to their sponsors too,” states Molly.

After Molly retired she had planned to ride her horse “Katie” every day. Although, Molly expressed Katie has been on some long vacations while I’ve been too busy to ride, but is a great horse that easily gets back into routines and work outs. Along with showing performing Carriage driving discipline, last year she qualified for the World Championship competition in the Extreme Cowboy Race.     The Extreme Cowboy event challenges both horse and rider to maneuver through a series of obstacles demonstrating both horsemanship and speed in the western discipline. Molly’s has gone from just the simple childhood dream of riding a horse, to becoming a law enforcement officer and today an entrepreneur.

One of any Cowboys or other equestrian’s proudest moment is the victory and possession of earning a Trophy Buckle. Molly’s Custom Silver has made it a little easier for those equestrians clubs to be able to provide without giving up on quality. She can create buckles with a huge variety of themes by adding figures for all equine styles. In addition to horses they include other figures for just about anything else, fishing, hunting, livestock, dogs, wildlife, sports, shooting, shotguns, pistols, badges, mounted officers, golf and even bowling. Molly stated, “If you don’t see what you looking for, just ask. We are always pleased to assist your trophy buckle needs. Molly’s Custom Silver, Riverside, California.

Story by Roger Edison                                          


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