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Friday, September 10, 2010

God's Penance for Texas

Texas Country Side

A friend shared a story with me about why God gave Texas the beautiful Wild Flowers that refresh the side of country roads, the fields and fence lines through Texas each spring with some lasting through summer. I ponder that thought as Texas does have so many beautiful wildflowers.

I have seen beautiful majestic views across the nation. There is something beautiful standing over nature in the serenity of peace. Whether this be a corn field in Kansas or a mountain range of Colorado. The many great rivers and coast. Yes the nation has so many amazing things, some not even in Texas.

However, those wildflowers, I have never seen anywhere as so natural as along a country road as in Texas. Maybe as my friend states it was Gods Penance. It was to show his forgiveness. God did give Texas the great thorns of the mesquite tree, the nasty knives of the yucca plant, needles to the cactus and when he added the heat to a Texas summer even Lucifer leaves and heads to Alberta, Canada. As this is just being sarcastic about the heat, no one can deny that summer in Texas is "Hotter than Hell".

C Diane Dixon shown in the photo below states, "Every road is like a canvas. The wild flowers are beautiful this year." These pictures was taken by her friend Mark. Another of Diane's friend's Nancy comments on her picture, "We did enjoy the drive when we went to Cooper's in Llano with my friends from Iowa Park. It was wonderful."

C Diane Dixon of Austin, Texas

However, this array of flowers has always been  majestic. It somehow evens makes the summer heat bearable giving us a view of such natural color amongst the Texas country side. Even the cactus blooms into something of its own beauty. While summer comes to an end, fall will  replace the scenery with Autumn leaves followed by the gray of winter only to once more repeat the garden which returns each year on a natural course. Once again to take to the roads looking for the many master pieces created each year at the hands of God's touch when he gave Penance upon Texas. The Wild Flowers is the natural canvas in viewing enters ones soul in painted memories. 

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