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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Caitlyn McPhee Wearing the Crown of Miss Rodeo

The crowning of Miss Rodeo is far more than the wearing of glittery rhinestones and fancy attire by ladies of pretty faces. The title of Miss Rodeo is credited to the cowgirls who have mastered proven equestrian skills who displaying the utmost dignity in supporting the sport of Rodeo. Caitlyn McPhee is one such lady being awarded Miss Rodeo Australia 2010 said Lisa Jones, Official Coordinator of the event.

The 19 year old Caitlyn McPhee is from the small township of Millbrook near Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. " I was lucky enough to be born into a large Rodeo family" states Caitlyn. She further credits learning her equestrian skills from both her father and mother who participated actively in Professional Rodeo.

Her father moved to Australia from New Zealand chasing his Rodeo Dream at age 14. Competing at both ends of the rodeo arena riding bronc's and bull's while also competing in the Steer Wrestling, Team Roping and Rope and Tie events winning a world title in the Rope and tie event during 1979.

"My mother is a top cowgirl and force to be reckoned with in the Breakaway Roping along with Barrel Racing, She has never stopped pushing me and my siblings, Chris, Nicole and Ashlee to perform our best," states Caitlyn.  She further shares having the strong support from both parents along with her step father Bruce Marsh, that all the training she received helped mold her into being a better cowgirl today.  "We were never short a good horse.  I have been blessed to achieve many goals having the support of family and dear friends," said Caitlyn as she continued being encouraged through her hard work and persistence, anything can be achieved.

Caitlyn a third generation Cowgirl has competed in the Australian JNFA 4 years running along with winning the Turn and Burn Award, Hanna Rose Novice Barrel Horse 2010,  All Round Rookie Cowgirl - Southern Cross Circuit 2010. After competing earning the title an award of  Miss Warragul Rodeo Queen, she went on to compete at the National Finals Miss Rodeo Australia in Texas, Queensland, Australia over a three day  competition being judged on her horsemanship skills, public speaking skills and her rodeo and Australian knowledge.

As Miss Rodeo Australia, Caitlyn expressed with exceptional pride that it is an honor to represent her nation of Cowboys past, present and those to come. Along with her presents at many Rodeo's she also has spent time with public visit speaking with students and the people about the cowboy way of life and sport of Rodeo.

Caitlyn has received phrased from many competitors as strong and fearless. Standing at 6' ft 2" inch she stands out above the crowds and has to always be caution of her footing running barrels. When being interviewed during the Miss Rodeo Competition, she was questioned about working with horses replying, "Horses see you as you are without prejudice. They only care about the love you share and the training they receive as you build your friendship and trust." Caitlyn has assisted working with children of special needs in addition to loosing a dear cowgirl friend through cancer.

In addition to touring the APRA rodeos across Australia in the upcoming year, she will be flying overseas first visiting Edmonton, Alberta for the Canadian Rodeo Finals November 10th though 18th then join Miss rodeo America at the PRCA finals December 2nd through 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada before returning home for the Christmas Run Myrtleford Rodeo Tumberumba and New Zealand Rodeo Cowboy Association.

Story by: Roger Edison

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  1. She's a pretty little girl, looks a lot like my daughter, who I miss terrible.

  2. This Miss Rodeo Australia Pageant was very poorly run and unprofessional it would put Americans to shame, I was a visitor to this Pageant from overseas and was very saddened to see how badly this pageant was run, the favourtisim towards the girl who is the current Miss Rodeo Australia the cheating that went on through out the pageant, it really was one big JOKE!!!