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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Imagine jumping your horse over a trough of fiery flames or riding over the ledge of a cliff. Perhaps a vertical climbing  up over a steep hill. or through a mud filled ponds to even swimming  your horse. The Horse and Rider must be ready for any obstacle including the likelihood of shooting pistols, reining solely with foot work in rapid circles or jumping into the bed of a pick-up truck. You might just have to use  a lariat too. Extreme, yes and that is what it is about. 

Competitive Horseman come from across the nation and Canada to compete in this event. Even a few other recent horse shows have mimic the event with a different name.  The difference is this event  allows winners in the proper levels of skills and recognizes the horseman professional and novice as it rapidly spreads like wild fire across the continent.

The Extreme Cowboy Association (EXCA) is the original and only recognized association for the sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing. The Extreme Cowboy Race was originated by the first “Original Extreme Cowboy”, Craig Cameron held in 2004. Although, the formation of the Extreme Cowboy association took place in November, 2008. The inaugural season began for EXCA in 2009 with over 74 sanctioned races with 103 riders from 26 states competing in the National Finals" states Bill Hull, President of the Extreme Cowboy Association. 

"The EXCA has been specifically designed to invite riders of all levels to participate and enjoy the “fastest growing equine sport”, The Extreme Cowboy Challenge! EXCA has continued to grow this year and  complete the year with over 105 sanctioned EXCA events. This year the event was truly an international event in that EXCA has expanded into Canada and the 2010 EXCA World Championship event had riders from the USA and Canada competing." 

"Extreme is a form of racing with the challenges of equestrianism. It is both a speed event as much as a show of horsemanship.  Competitors encounter many obstacles that are often  similar as those during  trail rides or routine activity encountered while conducting daily ranch work.  The word, "Extreme" also acknowledges that the event is directly associated with Craig Cameron who originated the sport as we know it and is founder of the Extreme Cowboy Association.

Horses of all breeds with little or no specialized training are encouraged to participate.  The primary purposes of the sport is to have fun with your horse while improving your horsemanship skills at the same time. Additionally, EXCA  emphasizes the safety of each contestant and the horse with utmost importance. 
EXCA has 17 regions across the United States and Canada.  Each Region will offer local, and Regional Championship competitions that lead to the EXCA World Championship competition.  The events are broken into Six Division each different competitive levels keeping them equally balanced at age and skill levels. The rules set forth guide lines and rules for each division.

Young Guns:   Rider between the ages of 7-11 is eligible to compete in the Young Guns Division. Course for Young Guns shall contain 6 obstacles plus Overall Horsemanship and time points. Obstacles shall be rated 1 & 2.

Youth:   Rider between the ages of 12 – 17 is eligible to compete in the Youth Division.  
The Youth course shall contain 13 obstacles plus overall Horsemanship and time points. 
Obstacles shall be rated 1 – 4.

Novice:  The Novice Division is designed for riders that are new to the sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing. The purpose of the Novice Division is to provide competition that is fair to all new riders.  A  Novice rider will be moved to a higher Division of competition when the rider accumulates 3,000 points as a Novice RiderNovice riders are allowed to ride “up” into higher Divisions of competition.  Any points earned in the higher Divisions will also count toward the 3,000 Novice point accumulation. Should a rider reach the 3,000 points prior to the conclusion of the season, he/she will be allowed to complete the season in the Novice Division.  The Novice course shall have 10 obstacles plus overall Horsemanship and time points.  Obstacles shall be rated 1 - 3.
18 & Over, Non- Pro.  A Non-Pro rider is an individual that has experience as a rider but does not receive any form of compensation for riding or training horses, ponies or mules.  This definition applies to all riders age 18 and over.  It does not apply to anyone under the age of 18. The course shall contain 13 obstacles plus overall Horsemanship and time points. Obstacles shall be rated 1 – 6.  
18 & Over, Pro.  An individual is considered a professional rider if he/she is age 18 or over and receives any form of compensation for riding or training horses, ponies or mules.  An EXCA Professional may ride an unlimited number of horses in the Pro Division and may also compete in the Futurity Division.  In order for a professional to return to a lower level of competition, he/she must not receive any form of compensation for riding or training horses, ponies or mules for a period of 5 years prior to applying to return to a lower level of competition.  The course shall contain 13 obstacles plus overall Horsemanship and time points. Obstacles shall be rated 1 – 6. 

55 & Over, Ride Smart.  The Ride Smart Division is designed for non- professional riders age 55 and over.  The course shall have 13 obstacles plus overall Horsemanship and time points. Obstacles shall be rated 1 – 5.

In addition to the six division, the include the  Futurity Division: which is a sanctioned competition at the EXCA World Championship only. All horses must be 3 or 4 years old. Horses of any breed are acceptable. A futurity horse must be nominated by June 1, 2010. Any late nominations will require double entry fees up to the point of nomination. Any horse that is nominated may not have competed in any sanctioned EXCA competition prior to competing in the Futurity at the 2010 EXCA World Championship. Payback will be a minimum of 65% of the total entry fees.

Craig Cameron is the current Chairman of the Board for Extreme Cowboy Association and has achieved national recognition and prominence as a true cowboy and is known as the “Cowboy’s Clinician”, being one of the finest horsemen in the United States.  A member of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and Culver Riding Academy Hall of Fame, he took the Extreme Cowboy Challenge across the country with the Extreme Cowboy Association. Craig has received two Telly Awards from RFD TV, one for his “Ride Smart” show and the second award for the “Extreme Cowboy Race”.

The 2010 competition was held at the Kansas Expo Centre, Topeka Kansas November 12-14. The three day with sponsors  Colt ManufacturingEquifacesaver,  CBY Boots,  Boulevard Brewing Co.,  Carpenter Farm SupplyBetter Horses Network  and Molly's Custom Silver   amongst the many businesses who supported the EXCA World Championship. 

Molly Rush

The World Champions and Reserve World Champions of each division received cash prizes, trophy buckles by Molly's Custom Silver and  mounted Colt 45 shooting pistols donated by Colt Mfg.  Other prizes to the Pro and Non-Pro World Champions and all of the top tow in in each Division received saddle racks donated by Carpenter Farm Supply of  Wellsville, Kansas.

High Point awards for the season were received by Vinnie Muselli from California and Ricky Carey from Kentucky. They each received a hat and a pair of cowboy boots donated by Roy Frey Western Lifestyles from Topeka , Kansas.  

2010 Extreme Cowboy Association World Champions

In the Young Guns Division, the World Champion winner was Addison Coutts from California riding Cowboy and the Reserve World Champion was Maggie Cincotta  also from California riding Rayo.

The Youth World Champion was Joseph Visser from California riding Meet My Dust and the Reserve World Champion was Emilie Pennington from Indiana riding  Zipps King Pin Charlie.

The Novice World Champion was Kelli Miller from Texas riding Houston's Charm and the Reserve World  Champion was Bonnie Brown from Colorado riding  Bagwell's Lady Gray.

The Ride Smart World Champion  is Jorge Moser from Missouri riding Yo Bay and the Reserve World Champion was Steve Barrett from Indiana riding Mr. Genuine Doc.

The Non-Pro World Champion is Laurie Shelton from Texas  riding Ima Little Tequila and the Reserve World Champion was Joseph Visser from California riding Meet My Dust.

The Pro World Champion was Josh Rushing from Missouri riding  Mini Dusty and the Reserve  Pro World Champion was Runt Rageth also from Missouri riding Burdock.

The Futurity World Champion  is Rick Hoffman from California riding Gypsy Chic and the Reserve  Futurity World Champion was Jeff Lebbin from Michigan riding Shining Jack Sprat.

2010 Extreme Cowboy Association Hall of Frame

John Black

Hall of Fame inductees are nominated then Judged for the best Ambassador-Promoter of the EXCA Sport. Judge by World and National Champions held, number of races attended and length of membership. This years place of Honor in EXCA History was awarded to JOHN BLACK of J and D Equine Enterprises,  from  Murrieta, California. "John is like a good horse who has the right temperament to do his job exceedingly well. Like a race horse, he doesn't stop while working hard as it takes to get the job done. He has that winning positive attitude, always yes-yes-yes towards EXCA, good horses and good riders. John has done more for this sport than anyone else I personally know," said Molly Rush from Riverside,     California who also competed with EXCA.    

2009 Extreme Cowboy Association World Champions
There were 103 riders from 26 states during the 2009 World Champions also held in the Kansas Expo Center, Topeka, Kansas. 
Pro Division:                           World Champion was Lee Hart from Kansas
Non Pro Division:                   World Champion was Tracy Pinson from Florida
Ride Smart Div(55 and over): World Champion was Jim Best  from  Illinois
Youth Division:                       World Champion was Jake Glidewell from Missouri
Young Gun Div(ages 7-11):    World Champion was Samantha Lebbin from Michigan
Novice Division:                      World Champion was Susan Morris  from Louisiana

Photo credit  South Pacific Region EXCA
Story by Roger Edison
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