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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hunt of El Cerdo Monstruo

Those sitting around any camp fire understand the many tales and legends of the west. Cowboys shared them every night along the cattle drives. Modern boys camp under their protected bedsheets with a flash light as they pass down stories like the tale of the headless Horseman of South Texas to the myths of  Pecos Bill.  There are tales about giant catfish that cowboys could ride along the Mississippi and the giant Jackalopes found in the plains. Even more mysterious are stories about the big foot and mystic swamp creatures. Some stories of truth, some of tall tales. Some become even folk-lore. This is the story of hunting El Cerdo Monstruo. 

Cody Duncum of Bellville, Texas had plans to land himself a nice buck  for the recent opening of Deer season.  Deer season in Texas is regulated by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife. The season opened November 6th and runs into mid - January.  Known for having excellent game to hunt, the Texas White tail and mule deer breeds are no exception.

Cody works for Four County Livestock Auction company where the market trends have been slowly rising. Medium Heifer Calves with the low of .86 cents a pound to choice Steer Calves high at $1.60 per pound. Cody frequently assist in Special Market Sales held on Saturdays. Although, during the opening of Deer season, businesses tends to move sales up into the month of October or push back until after Thanksgiving weekend.

Cody's like many others across the nation, appreciate that time off taking their hunting skills into the wilderness. His excitement began days early in the week as he prepared things, setting gear out that he would be using, cleaning an oiling his weapon and following a simple check list. This wasn't Cody's first hunt as he has bagged many deer during previous seasons.  What Cody did not expect, was to come face to face with the legendary "Cerdo Monstruo."

Driving out to a special place near Cochran, Texas which rest between to town of Hempstead, Texas and Bellville Cody has a washout area he likes to hunt. The deer follow the line of the river where they foliage for food in the shade of oak and Cypress Trees, hidden by the high grass off the banks. However, many other animals also travel along the path near the banks of the Brazos River.

Cody parked his truck in the upper woods. He made his walk down to the creek beds near the river where he found his spot in the wash out. The total walk was not much more than 200 yards from where he parked. Cody, understanding how to attract trophy Bucks set up several 69 Hot Boxes with Code Blue Whitetail Doe Estrous. The Deer scent is collected from a single doe in heat, making it the purest deer scent on the market. Hunters use it by pouring the estrous doe urine around the hunting area which attract adult males.

"The bucks eagerly follows the scent and it works really great," said Cody. "I had the area smelling pretty stout.  Most deer hunters tend to use a blind or deer stand to give them an aerial shot with good view. It the thicket, Stands are not as good unless set up with good views into open areas. Along the creek bed, the wash out puts the hunter on the ground with an excellent view while providing cover. It wasn't long after setting up the hunting sight that I heard some rustling through the high grass," states Cody.

Loading the 80 grain 6MM rounds into his Remington, it is all about the wait. At 5:00 something was surely moving along the high grass explains Cody. "I heard something move, then cracking of tree branches like a buck might do with his horns. I felt pretty excited, waiting and then everything got deathly silent. The minutes past by as I continued to wait when again, I heard something big. Really big about fifty yards in front of me. The animal was walking down the creek towards me as I could hear the suction of its feet as they moved through the muddy creek bank. I took a peek seeing a massive white coat on the large animal. First thinking, great, a cow."

"As I caught my breath an animal jumped right out from the trees. A coyote. I began thinking I should have shot the coyote. The large animal paused for several minutes then began to roll around on a fallen log scratching it's back. It was now 5:30 when I lifted my Woodmaster Remington peering through the scope to look at the cow better. WOW. This was no cow. This was the largest wild hog I have ever seen. I released the safety taking aim as the beast which now caught my scent and began to run towards me. At about 30 yards, I fired. The massive pig continued for about five more feet before falling to the ground."

"I sprung up and swiftly moved over to the hog as he snapped his jaws. Blood coming out his mouth, I shot excitedly hitting his leg as the hog died. I was deer hunting and not set up to lift a huge hog up. I took a picture using my cell-phone and text it to my brother first. Then called some friends telling them about this big kill. I needed a way to lift the monster and load him.

Shortly later, my friends arrived. We got a rope on the massive hog to drag him out into the open better. One friend has a skinning rack connected to his trailer hitch.  We used that to lift him up with four of us pushing. Holding him, we maneuvered my truck around getting his head up higher and my friend pulled his truck in getting the tailgate under him. Then we could drop him into the bed taking it to the (IOS) Indoor-Outdoor Store in Bellville. The IOS is our local hunting store," stated Cody.

Cody hit that massive 720 pound Cerdo Monstruo on November 13th, reported by Indoor/Outdoor Store where the picture was taken. Also known as wild pigs, these monster size hogs rarely reach these record weights. Although Bellville has been know for other large wild hogs taken down. Additionally, other records have been claimed.

Hogzilla is the name given to a wild hog that was shot and killed in Alapaha, Georgia on June 17, 2004, by Chris Griffin on Ken Holyoak's farm and hunting reserve. Alleged to be 12 feet (3.6 m) long and to weigh 1,000 pounds (450 kg), scientists confirmed that Hogzilla actually weighed 800 pounds (360 kg) and was between 7.5 and 8 feet (2.25 and 2.4 m) long, diminishing the previous claim.

Monster Pig  is the name of a large hog killed on May 3, 2007, by an eleven year-old boy, Jamison Stone in a 150-acre low fence enclosure within the larger 2,500 acre commercial hunting preserve called Lost Creek Plantation, outside Anniston, Alabama. According to the hunters (there were no independent witnesses) the pig weighed 1,051 lb (477 kg). Claims of the authenticity and allegations of the kill being a canned hunt have disputed the claim.

Others pigs have been monstrous in size some from the wild but mostly raise domestic. Names as wild as these massive creatures, like Hog Kong, Ton Pig, Big Norm, Curly Boy, King Neptune and the World record is still held by BIG BILL at 2,552  pounds owned by owned by Elias Butler of Jackson, Tennessee. Big Bill was a domestic POLAND CHINA Breed that was to be shown in the Chicago Worlds Fair.

For Cody Duncum, he has come face to face with El Cerdo Monstruo.  This is the real deal. A victory hunt that ancestor warriors would feast upon and legendary tales begun.  It may not be the Worlds Record but we surely will not dispute this is one monster of a pig and a great Trophy for his first day out this season. That's the pork of the Hunt for El Cerdo Monstruo.  

Story by Roger Edison

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