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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Story by Roger Edison

Trevor Brazile WNRF 2010
In 1976 no one ever believe possible that somebody could cinch more All Around Cowboy titles than Larry Mahan who held six total All Around Championships with five consecutive Championships from 1966-1970.  Larry had stripped the record away from Jim Shoulders of  Henryetta, Oklahoma. Jim won his first in 1949 with four in a roll in 1956 through 1959. 

Tom Ferguson from Miami, Oklahoma earn his third title that year as All Around Cowboy. He then went on to earn Six All Around Championship Cowboy titles tied with Larry Mahan. Like Mahan, Ferguson took only five of those titles in a consecutive roll from 1975 through 1979.  Nevertheless, 1976 would be the year that a new breed of Cowboy would  change the future for Professional Rodeo that the PRCA would not get to take notice for another two decades.

The breed would be the talent instilled upon the son to roping legend Jimmy Brazile. That year Trevor Brazile was born in Amarillo, Texas.  Jimmy, a four-time steer roping national finalist, saw to it  that from the day Trevor could walk, worked his skills teaching Trevor to swing a rope and to be an all-around hand. "He wanted me to be an all-around cowboy, not just a roper but to excel in all of it," remembers Trevor.

Trevor mastered those early lesson taught from his father.  Graduated with an associate's degree from Vernon Regional Junior College, Trevor joined the PRCA in 1996. That year Joe Beaver from Huntsville, Texas won his second title as All Around Cowboy and later would go on to take the title a third time. 

Rough stock rider, Ty Murry born in Phoenix, Arizona had made his home in Stephenville, Texas holding Seven All American Cowboy titles with Six consecutive Championships from 1989-1994 which has yet been broken and remains the record of most consecutive wins with the PRCA.  Murry's events were Saddle Bronc, bareback bronc and Bull Riding. 

Trevor quickly began earning awards. His first major championship was winning the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Southwest Region tie-down Roping. In 2002, Trevor would win his first All Around Cowboy title followed by continuous awards in 2003 and 2004 becoming the youngest cowboy to cross the $2 million in earnings. 

The following year Ryan Jarrett of  Summerville, Georgia would take the title of All Around Cowboy for 2005, though the athletic, hard working and skillful Trevor would return the next season again showing his mastery in the Rodeo Arena winning the forth title of All Around Cowboy competing in the Tie-Down Roping, Steer Roping, Team Roping events. IN 2006 Trevor won the most money over Cowboy Christmas an again won the title as ALL AROUND COWBOY.  Trevor continued to win this victory in 2007, 2008 and in 2009, Trevor was tied with Ty Murry with Seven All Around Cowboy titles.   

As Trevor entered into the 2010 season, his focused was on the "Chase for Eight" once more to repeat his victorious season and break the all time record surpassing Ty Murry's seven awards. 

At the 52nd Wrangler National Finals Rodeo held at the Thomas & Mack Center Arena, Las Vegas, Trevor riding his horse Rio during the  2010 WNFR events,  lassoed in his record breaking Eighth All Around Cowboy world Championship title. The Decatur, Texas, cowboy finished second in team roping and sixth in tie-town roping in Round 2 of the 52nd WNFR that secured his title. The earnings put Brazile in such a far lead ahead of second-place Curtis Cassidy that it is mathematically impossible for Cassidy to overcome Brazile by the end of NFR. Brazile will be the first rodeo cowboy to win eight all-around titles.

Brazile earned $16,665 in the two events of  Round 2, with eight more competition days to go. Brazile has earned $323,527 so far this season.  "“That’s got to be the slowest victory lap I’ve ever done in my life because I didn’t want it to end,” stated Trevor to Amy Fast of

Trevor Brazile has become the Cowboy of the 21st century who has made history. In 1976, most never believe the impossible was possible as great Cowboys as Ferguson and Murry would break former records. Brazile mission is accomplished.  The fame is well deserved as this multi-event competitor is a true cowboy through and through.

Trevor's personal life finds him enjoying the company of his wife Shada, newborn  daughter Stella and son Treston at their Decatur, Texas Ranch.  His hobbies, Rodeo and Training horses.

Trevor's horse also receive recognition as his horse Texaco has placed second for the 2004 PRCA and AQHA Horse of the Year. His other horse Tweeter, awarded the 2002 AQHA Tie-Down Horse of the Year, and the 2-time Heading Horse of the Year, Calhoon.  His horses, Rock and Buddy also finished second in previous AQHA Horse of the Year contests.


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