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Friday, December 24, 2010

The night before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house.
not a creature stirring, not even a mouse.
However at the north pole a problem arise.
Santa had deliveries as it soon would be sunrise.

"Oh my, what will I do" cried Santa to his top elf.
Rudolph down with swine flu as well the other reindeer.
Santa cried, All these packages still here on the shelf.
So many children will miss Christmas this year.

The Elf scratched his head then shared a big smile
I got that answer Santa that can cover all those miles.
Well Santa turned his head and ask just what was that?
What could be powerful and tough that would fly SANTA there and back.

The elf said Santa "You just wait here.
This has more horse power than all those sick reindeer."
The Elf ran to the barn and a loud sound fired up.
Dual exhaust headers from that Power Stroke truck.

The Barn Doors flew open as a dark shadow began moving out.
The roar of solid thunder and Santa gave a big shout.
Yes, Yes he jumped around with a really happy smile.
The Ford F-350 Crew Cab can cover all those miles.

The Elf went through the check list.
Clearance lights now on.
Powered up the off-road lights to see through all the mist.
Cranked up the stereo "Willie singing some Christmas Song"

This is more powerful than any ram on the road.
Won't let you down like something of a rock
They sponsor Professional Bull Riding now let's load it for the road.
We're flying this dually cause it's the toughest on the block.

The top elf grab his cell phone and call the magic sleigh shop.
I need ranch hand bumpers and some extra lights mounted up front.
Install the goose neck ball hitch and get the trailer loaded with toys.
Santa is taking the Ford truck to delivery those gifts for the girls and boys.

Well, so the story goes that Santa completed his rounds across the globe
The bright Red King Ranch Crew Cab was more than the just a probe.
Powder coated bumpers with full leather bucket seats.
6 inch custom lift and dually fenders and the console full of treats.

All the children of the world woke up Christmas morning with toys.
Big sis finishing her Rockstar drink and lil'brother dressed up as a PBR Cowboy
Daddy had new Dickie Jeans and Momma got some really cool Ariat boots
A fruit cake on the table and an envelope full of loot.

Ford Tough
So when you're needing a miracle to get the job done right
whether carrying a large payload or just the comforts on the road,
Count on FORD cause They're built to be tough.
They sponsor Professional Bull Riding-the only sport that's truly rough.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to all and from Cowboy and Chuckwagon Cooking,
we bid you Goodnight.

Roger Edison

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