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Friday, February 4, 2011

"Buckaroo Babe" The Bling of Rodeo Queens

                       Story by Roger Edison

"When I was in my early teen's, I became intrigued with fashion. I took notice into the sparkling bling of the Rodeo Queens and Barrel Racers," states Jennifer Diaz owner of  BUCKAROO BABE, a western boutique of Amarillo, Texas.  The boutique sales custom jewelry that Jennifer designs and handcrafts while also carrying many accessories from handbags, belts to Concho Bling sunglasses. Although, Jennifer Diaz is more than a self employed entrepreneur. She's all cowgirl and much more.

Raised in the small rural town of High Springs, Florida, Jennifer was born into Rodeo. At merely three weeks old, she attended her first Rodeo.  Her mother was a barrel racers while her dad performed Bull-Riding for over 20 years. Rodeo was the families life and they travel across the nation performing.  

The family move to Billings, Montana when Jennifer turn 16 years old. While in high school, she took interest in a young cowboy who also performed Rodeo Bull Riding and train horses named Mark Diaz. They dated during high school though Jennifer graduated and went off to college. An education as any student is told is important to your future.

She attended Northwest College located in Powell, Wyoming studying Radiology in 1997. Although, two things seem missing an after college, Jennifer rediscovered both. The cowboy that grabbed her attention as her high school sweetheart and the love for fashion jewelry design.

Mark Diaz and Jennifer married that December of 1998.  Jennifer also returned to her craft of jewelry honing her talent for custom design necklaces and accessories that complete any cowgirls wardrobe. Jennifer's first piece began during her teens when she crafted an old silver concho and a spur rowel turning them into a unique piece of jewelry. From that moment, she was hooked knowing one day she would love to do this as a business.

Mark Diaz ACHA
Mark is definitely a real all-American Cowboy. Born in Santa Maria, California he worked on large outfits including the Cross Four Ranch, the Harding Land and Cattle Company and the LO Ranch in Montana, Silclair Feeders in Wyoming,  Sombrero Ranches in Colorado and currently with the Jones Quarter Horses in Amarillo, Texas.  In 2010, he transitioned from a Ranch-Hand to a Cutting Horse Trainer. In his first year as a member of the NCHA, he won 4th place in the World Championship riding " BOBS SWEET REUNION" for the 2,000 Limit Rider Class and currently the 2010 Area 11-West Texas Leader.

Buckaroo Babe gave Jennifer the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds; married to her cowboy where she can provide emotional support while also enjoying designing and crafting attractive jewelry. To enable to maintain a business no matter where every her husbands career landed them, she took her business on-line being available through the internet at  That transition came in 2003 just after having her second child. Today, Jennifer is the mother to three children, son Miles and daughters Maya and Allie who love life on the ranch working with horses.

Several things have always been part of fashion and jewelry is an essential accessory. It creates focal points that compliments the outfits which makes a cowgirl look pretty, smooth and often elegant as a Rodeo Queen. Buckaroo Babe Boutique is a cowgirls best friend after her horse and perhaps her favorite Cowboy too.  Although, Jennifer wanted Buckaroo Babe to be unique western jewelry that all women could afford and appreciate. "The majority of my clients are rodeo moms and young girls who want quality items without having to pay big bucks" states Jennifer.

"I love using conchos, spur rowels, turquoise and other stones to create my jewelry. I have hand made the jewelry to have in stock along with taking custom orders. Some of my designs have been pieces custom made for State Rodeo Queens, too." continued Jennifer.

Most of Buckaroo Babe customers come from the internet and by word of mouth. She design the web site several years ago but with the move to Texas and a change of Internet provider, she recently change her web page layout. She also began social media marketing using face-book.  Additionally, Jennifer has travel with Mark to various Rodeos or Horse Shows, Fairs and Festivals selling her items. 

"Facebook has given me the opportunity to expand my business by setting up a Buckaroo Babe Fan page... it keeps growing each and everyday! I ship out items to all 50 states, plus Austrailia and Canada," states Jennifer. "At Buckaroo Babe, we fit each customer from head to toe."

Buckaroo Babe designs western unique creations that are often label Sante Fe, Southwest and even Cowgirl Bling. You'll find Jennifer providing not only some wonderful bling into any Cowgirls life, but also providing the customer service that is friendly with utmost excellence. Be it the Cowboy needing to give a gift to his Cowgirl or the Cowgirl just wanting to dazzle a new look, Buckaroo Babe is a quality choice.

Coco Chanel once said " I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny."  Make Buckaroo Babe your Destiny.



  1. I LOVED everything I have ever ordered from Buckaroo Babe. Jennifer makes ordering easy and she gets it done in a timely manner. If she doesn't have something you are looking for she will make it or look for it and that makes her customer service great and that is what keeps me coming back!! Jill Blasius - South Dakota

  2. Love, love, love Buckaroo Babe. Everything I've ordered has been as portrayed, good quality and delivered in a timely manner. P Watson, Florida