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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NRS High School Rodeo Model Search Finalists

Devonte Toler
The National Roping Supply is promoting their next Model Search for their catalog. The contest will end October 3rd - 2PM CST for the Cowboys and just closed for Cowgirls. The NRS selected the top ten finalist of Cowboys and Cowgirls leaving the judging too who gets the most “likes” on facebook. Winners will then be featured and modeling in the next NRS catalog. 

National Roping Supply founded in 1994, has brought the western world quality products since it's beginnings. Introducing their catalog, the NRS has become a household name among the western environment. Marketing saddles, ropes, headstalls, bits or western attire, the NRS has become one of the largest suppliers of western gear. Rooted in tradition, they test each product extensively to make sure they will withstand cowboy use. They also offer a full line of western gifts, and decor to outfit your home in the traditional western fashion. The NRS Training Center offers clinics of all types from team roping, calf roping and barrel racing, to horsemanship and horse training at Sand Hill Ranch/NRS Training Center in Decatur, Tx.

The Cowgirl selection narrowed down to an attractive Cowgirl named Kourtney from Idaho with over 3,500 face-book likes. The ten remaining cowboys, each displaying their charismatic smiles are hoping to be the winner with your face-book vote. The current lead is a Justin Boot Company sponsored cowboy name Jake who is nearing his first thousand likes with two others named Dallin and Aaron hot on his heels. The other young cowboys names are, Dillon, Jaco, Devonte, Kaden, Levi, Seth, and Will. Each of these Cowboys already represent western heritage and the cowboy way, but one of these young cowboys may be the under dog, but is a true Rodeo Contestant and real Cowboy. That young man is Devonte Toler from Hempstead, Texas. 

Devonte, is an amateur Bull Rider competing in Texas Youth Rodeo. He was introduce to the sport when his aunt with some of her Bull Riding friends took him to his first Rodeo. He was a mere 2 years old, professing he would simulate riding bulls after that first rodeo.
Devonte began training horses working for Mr. Tommy Zorn, stating colts for roping, barrel racing and showing. "Mr. Zorn taught me how to train horses, and train them the right way," state Devonte. 

Like any teenager, Devonte confesses, he loves music with a good beat and enjoyed playing football and Basketball. Wearing the jersey number TEN, Devonte plays defense for the Hempstead Bobcats Varsity Football. When he's not performing school sports or training colts, it's all about riding Bulls. 

Devonte starting riding Bulls before high school but due to an injured shoulder in his freshman year, he concentrated on his school activities giving time for his shoulder to heal. Since last summer, traveling with his best friend Rowdy Roque, they try to enter many of the jackpot rodeos around the state. They just rode in the Roger Crouch Memorial WSPBR and Open Bull Riding held in New Waverly, Texas and often ride the Houston Solution Jack Pot Rodeo held in Cypress, Texas. His next Rodeo will be at the Robstown, Texas open Rodeo wear he will be donning his tear drop shank spurs with super grip rowels.

Devonte states his favorite Bull Riders are Terry Don West and J.W. Harris, admiring Abe Morris, the first Black American to receive a PRCA announcer card 1982 and Charlie Simpson who won the 1982 World Champion Bull Rider and inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1996. Devonte plans to enter the CBR and earn his pro card. One day he hopes he can ride at the National Finals and win the World, but first thing first, is to compete his education.

To vote on any of these young men for NRS High School Rodeo Model Search, go to face book, find their picture and click like. Best wishes good luck to each of these find cowboys.

Devonte Toler Hempstead, Texas

Devonte Toler, Bull Rider

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  1. Oh my, He's a cutie pie....going the NRS on facebook and vote now.

    Annie May
    Boise, Idaho