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Friday, September 16, 2011


Most equestrians ride from the heart. There is a thrilling affection between horse and rider whether performing competition, working cattle, harness in the field or just seeking the weekend escape as one enters the realm of serenity while on horseback.  Although, Angela Widdowfield who has performed many competitions and pleasure rides will be adding a ride for the heart as she joins many other horsemen who are supporting the American Heart Association.

Angela is a native Texan who grew up in El Paso. After graduating from Sul Ross State University majoring in Equine Science and Veterinary Medicine, she moved to Virginia. It was a hard decision, she confesses, "Life was becoming reckless and I needed help." She packed up her 1976 Ford F-150 Pick up with everything she owned. Her horses, her Blue Heeler, the cat, a pet Horn-toad, and her two month old daughter. Angela was a single parent that hit the road without even taking a road map. She was heading to be near her mother who lived in Virginia. In her truck with horse trailer in tow, she drove 2000 miles door to door with the CB radio and several good truckers that got her within 200 yards from her mothers home. "Just another testimony in my life, that God was carrying me by the beltloops," states Angela.

Virginia became home for Angela who quickly readjusted her life. Now living with her mother and baby daughter, Angela got back into enjoying her love for horses.  It was not long after, she began training her daughter Donnie everything she knew about horses, too.

"I began riding horses every since I was able to hold my head up. I raised my daughter the same way. When my daughter, Donnie was merely 10 years old, her Tennessee Walking Horse was giving birth. The foal was born not berthing. Donnie actually gave the little foal CPR calmly berthing into the nostrils. The cute little filly was soon breathing and standing on her own. At that moment, this foal became Donnie's passion. She raised her, trained her, shoed her and rode her to a National Grand Championship in 2008 all by herself. I am so proud of her," states Angela.

Angela has also competed as an equestrian. She currently participates in Cowboy Mounted Shooting and is a member of the 1st Virginia CMSA.  When Angela first got involved with Cowboy Mounted Shooting, she road an experience and well trained horse for this type of event. She won her class and the overall competition.  "I knew nothing about CMSA and it has taken me awhile to get a cooperative horse as the first time I rode when using an experience horse. I am improving and just love this sport. However, getting a good shooting horse has been quite a challenge.  I sent my horse to Hired Gun Horsemanship with Sam Helms and his wife Leff Helms. They also own Triple Creek Farm in Monroe, North Carolina and perform both horse training and rider clinics which has helped me significantly. I have never had so much fun with a horse in all my life until becoming active with CMSA," replied Angela.  Riding in Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Angela uses her pair of Ruger Vaquero's .45 caliber single action pistols.
In November 2009, Angela's significant other suffered a massive heart attack. Surviving the attack, the two became more aware of  Coronary problems and Heart disease. In January 2010, Angela and her life partner were able to participate a fund raising event for the American Heart Association. Founded in 1924, the American Heart Association is the nation's oldest and largest voluntary health organization dedicated to reducing disability and death from diseases of the heart and stroke. Those diseases, America's No.1 and No. 3 killers, and all other cardiovascular diseases claim over 870,000 lives a year.

Angela explained, Heart disease had been in her family for generations on both sides. Additionally, has claimed the lives of some of those closest to her, including both her father and grandfather. Out of 1,000 riders during the 2010 American Heart Association Beach Ride, Angela ranked 9th amongst the other riders in bringing in funds to support the American Heart Association. This year, she hopes to raise $10,000 during the 30th Annual Jack Monroe Beach Ride that will be held in Myrtle Beach, S.C. at Lakewood Camping Resort, November 2nd - November 6th, 2011. If you have ever dreamed of camping oceanfront with your horse and riding on the beach, this is the event for you!  Angela expressed the best part of this event, was to be able to share it with her partner who had suffer the near "widowmaker" attack.

To support Angela's ride, follow the link  2011 Myrtle Beach Horse Ride  an enter (sponsor rider) or visit the web  were you too can join the fight against heart disease and stroke. You can also call  843-282-2911 or 866-915-6238.
American Heart Association Beach Ride

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