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Monday, December 5, 2011

Friends Eat

So often I find myself fascinated with the stories of those who tamed the west. Although, while the west has long been tame, the culture continues to thrive.  History is always in the making whether it is the "Lone Cowgirl" or "The Way of the Chuckwagon."
When Editor in Chief Blanca Valbuena of Friends Eat took interest in interviewing Cowboys and Chuckwagon Cooking, I felt honored. Although this honor was not in our story, as much as the interest in the many stories that we have been entrusted to shared back to the world.  Honored for being part of the Cowboy Way of Life and how this culture of western heritage continues to romance the world.  The true Cowboy is the mentoring of  "Can Do" spirit. Getting the job done without giving up. The team work along with pride of  their heritage as they live by the code. For that, I am so honored to have had this opportunity to share.  So inspired, I look forward to the year to come and the many more stories as we move further along the trail.   
Interview with Cowboys and Chuckwagon Cooking 
Chuckwagon Cook Roger Edison and Son Austin Demo cooking along the cattle drives
Frank B. Hoffman (1888-1958) Chuck Wagon Campfire

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  1. Congratulations. I love this sight and your twist of early American cooking.
    Niki Post Falls, Idaho