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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Merry Christmas CHUCK WAGON

The spirit of Christmas "Texas Style" is surely expressed through the decor of this beautiful 1891 Weber Wagon owned by Debi Zinser of Ranch-Dressin, Farmersville, Texas.  Nothing feels as warm than the cozy firepit of a chuckwagon. The wholesome food which pleases any wrangler, the full taste of rich coffee and the hospitably found in RANCH DRESSIN, Farmerville, Texas.  Debi purchased the wagon several years ago with the desires to use the wagon in Chuck Wagon Cooking Competitions, but currently leases the wagon out for special events in the Farmersville, Texas area.

Weber Wagon Company was founded by Henry Weber, who was born in 1822 in Hochweiler, Alsase, France (formerly part of Germany). Henry came to America in 1841 speaking only German. He first began his life career learning the trade for building farm wagons working for a wagon maker in Lyons, New York. After three years, Henry and a partner set up business manufacturing their own line of farm wagons in Chicago, Illinois. In 1849, the California Gold Rush struck the interest of his partner who left the business leaving Henry as the sole proprietor of the Weber Company.

The Weber wagon was considered one of the best wagons available building a reputation for quality. In a matter of a few years, Weber grew into the largest producer of farm wagons in the U.S. Capacity was over 100 wagons per day. Approaching retirement, Henry merged the firm into the then new International Harvestor Company in 1904.  Though Henry Weber would pass on in 1907, his wagons would continue production through International Harvestor Company into the late 1930's.

"It has been really fun looking for things to outfit the chuck wagon through Bryson Trading Post, Hansen Wagon Wheel, Edwards Canvas and the several antique stores here in Farmersville.  I am always on the lookout for that next trinket," states Debi adding, "I also have my own cowhide that I plan on using for the potbelly."

The Ranch - Dressin Chuckwagon has been used by caters for several events and Debi has also hosted a few events for the city of Farmerville stating the Chuck Wagon was a big hit. Some of the activities have included weddings, Farmerville Heritage Week, and already booking for 2012 hosting a four day equine clinic in March. For more information of the Ranch Dressin- Wagon, contact Debi at:

Ranch Dressin' Chuckwagon
Farmersville, Texas
Ranch Dressin Chuckwagon Face book page 
Be sure to check out the Ranch Dressing Web Site as Debi also offers many western ranch deco too.

Christmas with Ranch Dressin - Chuck wagon
Ranch Dressin Chuck Wagon, Farmersville, Texas

Weber Chuck Wagon - all photos rights belong to Debi Zinser, Ranch Dressin Chuckwagon

1 comment:

  1. That is a beautiful wagon. It just illuminates the holidays and the warm comfort foods being served.

    Pamela Paul
    Lufkin, Texas