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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Texas Folklore

Texas Folklore: by Roger Edison

They say that trees talk as the branches blow in the wind. They sing the songs from yesterday and silence the secrets of each man's sin. Cut upon the trunks of carved barked, Indians and Cowboys both left there mark. Along the many rivers that flow, there rest deep roots the trees will sow. The stories collected deep into their core, as leaves fall, again return, as so the stories of Texas folklore.

photo of Oak Tree, Victoria, Texas  Christmas Eve 2004, photo shared by a dear friend. This was the second miracle snow fall for south Texas which rarely sees snow.  The first time was Christmas Eve 1918 with a mere 0.1 inch fell, but sincerely was not like the snow from 1895 to only be repeated again in 2004, remember this as the year it snow. Once in a lifetime and a first white Christmas for many, including my mother who visit that year. 


  1. The last Christmas Eve I worked driving carriages was 2004. It was quite the scene. Luckily I had snagged one of two driving blankets to wrap around myself and it kept me dry and toasty warm. I had never seen powder snow before, usually it is mixed with ice.

    Also got to surprise a family with bringing a returning vet up to the doorstep of his parents home. One of my best gigs ever. Thanks for stirring memories.

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