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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

White Horse and Carriage Company

White Horse and Carriage Company
While the cowboys who worked the cattle drives rode endlessly in the saddle, only the cook enjoyed the luxury of sitting on a spring seat. Somebody had to take four in hand reining the hitch, so why not the one person who had the longest hours and perhaps the hardest job. Although, carriages were far more fancier than the chuckwagons and they came in different styles, names and seating. My favorite carriage is the Vis-a-Vis as they were a common sight back east as the west was being tame.

White Horse and Carriage Company, owned and operated by entrepreneurs,  Christina White and Jamar McCracken expanded their business to the gulf coast city of Corpus Christi, Texas. Jamar began riding horses when he was  twelve years old and has been carriage driving since 2007.  Christina, a graduate of Texas A&M, San Antonio has a bachelors degree in Political Science. She began working part time while in college driving a carriage. Christina and Jamar teamed up, purchasing their own Vis-a-Vis carriage and white Percheron horse named Lacy in 2009.

Nearly every metropolitan city from New York to San Fransisco has horse carriages available for tourism. Jamar and Christina both working with other carriage companies in San Antonio, Texas knew the competition would be difficult and began looking for the right city to bring their business too. They found just that after a visit in Corpus Christi and a temporary licensing permit to operate for the summer.  Business was good, the two decided to stay and further expand their business with an additional Vis-a-Vis Carriage with another white Percheron they located in Iowa named Joy.

The White Horse and Carriage Company offers nightly tours through the Downtown water front of Corpus Christi, along with special events and weddings. They have traveled to Ozona in west Texas to Waco with special events at Baylor University. 

Baraat Costume
Part of the special services includes Baraat, a tradition of India where it is customary for the bridegroom to travel to the wedding venue (often the bride's house) on a mare, accompanied by his family members.  The groom who normally will carry a traditional sword is dresses along with his horse in a covered of  finery.  The mares of White Horse and Carriage Company are use too loud noises, the drumming and singing that take place during the traditional procession of a Baraat. Additionally, the authentic costume show on Lacy was imported directly from India.

Whether you are wanting a carriage for a parade, private party or in behalf of that special couple on their wedding day, the White Horse and Carriage Company will make you feel like royalty.  They provide friendly customer services and with highly trained horses that were both trained by an Amish farm in Iowa. The Percherons were originally bred as war horses.  The knights needed a strong, stout, and most importantly, brave horse to carry them and all of their armor into battle.  When they were no longer needed in battle, Percherons were used for pulling carriages across France, omnibuses through cities and plowing the fields for farmers.

Lacy is a 12 year old mare that is 16.2 hands weighting 1600 pounds.  "Her attitude of  'been there, done that' enables her calm demeanor. Used for Baraats, she has been in horse shows and has even worked cattle!  Lacy knows her job so well that she often stops at red lights before being told to and starts walking on her own when the light turns green.  Now that's cruise control," states Jamar.  Joy, also a Percheron, is 14 years old standing at 17.1 hands and weights 1650 pounds. " Joy normally pulls the white carriage, so she does most of the weddings and special events.  People love to watch Joy work because she is so enthusiastic about her job and loves being the center of attention," remarked  Christina.

Vis-a-Vis is a french term meaning "face to face." The seating in a Vis-a-vis carriages allows your party to set comfortable and be face to face as a group. They also have Cinderella bars turning your event into dreams coming true.

Call or email the White Horse and Carriage Company today.
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Cinderella Carriage
VIS-A-VIS Carriage


  1. I used to do all of that for a living and even managed the company for a friend of mine in Houston. Lots of wedding stories. And they had/have lots of horses like the ones mentioned. I won $50 one night at a private party driving around the block with my foot on the reins and only using voice commands. The 34yo horse even looked both ways at a stop sign... lol

  2. My sister always encourage that I should take up carriage driving. I regret not taking her advice because I know I would have enjoyed the work, the public and the company of a horse.