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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"The Sorrow" Western films return to the big screen: retitled "A Sierra Nevada Gunfight"


Story by Roger Edison

Gold miner Roger Hazard played by actor Kirk Harris, heads to the treacherous gold fields of 1870's California with his twelve year old son Casper, played by Ryan Ballance, in tow. The two of them work a small gold mine in the southern fields in hopes of rich dreams. Soon, Roger begins to lose touch with reality.  Casper on his own,  faces the many dangers around every corner. As he seeks every inch of his own strength to save his father from himself, the adolescent manages to fight off savage Indians and ruthless bushwhackers that plague them across California's breathtaking Sierra Nevada's.

In the mold of the 1980 film, "The Shining" directed by Stanley Kubrick starring Jack Nicholson and the 1948 film, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" written and directed by John Huston, starring Humphrey Bogart and Walter Huston, earned an Academy Award for Directing and Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay along with John Huston's father Walter receiving an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in this film,  'The Sorrow' returns high impact action thrillers of a western gene film to the big screen.

Co-Owner of Rogue Arts LLC, Vernon Mortensen debuts as the director of this western film. Mortensen, who also co-wrote the script with Johnny Harrington is well season in action adventure. He served as a Navy Commando,SWCC Special Warfare Combat Craft) with Special Boat Unit-12. Among several special assignments working with U.S.Navy SEAL Teams, Mortensen met, SEAL Team member Neil Trusso, who is co-producer of "The Sorrow" while they were deployed together in the African war torn country, Somalia during 1993 (the same time as Ridley Scott's movie, Blackhawk Down)  depicts.

The two Naval Special Warfare members friendship shared interest of film making that followed them after their Naval careers. Mortensen, went on to earn a Master Degree from the University of Southern California where he received an Academy of motion picture Arts and Sciences Writer's Fellowship. He also has earned an MBA from Alliant International University, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Directing from renowned Art Center College of Design along with a Bachelor of Science in Electromechanical Technologies from Excelsior College.

Shortly after graduating from USC, Mortensen was recalled, back to active duty with the United States Naval Reserves joining the Special Boat Teams one last time.  After completing his term of service, Mortensen permanently retired from the US Navy in 2008 returning to the film industry full time.

Trusso accomplished everything he set out to do as a Navy SEAL.  Upon completing his enlistment in 1995, he set forth the undertaking of new challenges playing college football at Chapman University, in Orange County, California.  He also became a member and played for the Chapman's WCLL Championship Lacrosse Team.  He earned his Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Film Production from Chapman's prestigious Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, which is one of the leading film schools in the country, before entering the film industry.

Trusso was a show runner on the comedy series, “The Crusader” starring Colin Cunningham (TNT’s Falling Skies) and was a Producer for the ground breaking zombie series "Universal Dead" starring DB Sweeney. He also served as an Executive Producer on the gritty boxing drama "The Kid: Chamaco" starring Martin Sheen, Michael Madsen and Kirk Harris which Mortensen also worked on as a producer before production of this new  western-thriller "The Sorrow," starring Kirk  Harris, John Savage and Michael Madsen, that will be premiering in 2013.
Kirk Harris playing the role of Roger Hazard, is a proven actor and self starter.  Although his movie talents further prevail as a writer, producer and director in the film industry. He founded Rogue Arts LLC in 2004 and is CEO of the film distribution and production company. To date, the company has produced 8 feature films and handled the distribution of nearly 50 domestic and foreign films.

Rogue Arts titles have been in the Sundance, Toronto, Berlin, and Cannes Film Festivals which titles include: "Three Days of Rain" starring Peter Falk, Blythe Danner, Lyle Lovett and Jason Patric, the Danish hit "Flickering Lights" starring Ulrich Thomsen and Mads Mikkelsen, and "Con Man" with John Malkovich, Johnny Depp, Chris Penn, Dennis Hopper, and Benicio del Tore.

One of only three independent production companies to successfully co-produce a feature film in Mexico using the Mexican Film Fund, Rogue Arts resulting movie was "The Kid: Chamaco" shot in Mexico City for Mexican director-producer Miguel Necoechea.  The film was written by Harris, Necoechea and Canadian filmmaker Carl Bessai. Harris co-stars along side Martin Sheen playing the roll as a boxer on screen but was former Golden Glove amateur boxer with 51 sanction bouts before entering the film industry.

Co-writer Johnny Harrington, met Vernon Mortensen 13 years ago while working on a student film. The two connected right away and Johnny collaborated with the former Navy Commando on two action-thriller screenplays; "The Long Way Down" and "The Sorrow."

Johnny, born in Canada recently became a US citizen. After playing on a soccer scholarship for the University of Louisville Cardinals, Johnny began screenwriting while working as a substitute teacher in the LA Unified School District. His very first screenplay, "Ten Years In October," written in 1999, was well received in Hollywood, yet for ten years was optioned every 18 months never seeming to find the traction it needed to get produced. Finally, the script attracted Nick Stahl, Amy Smart and Rose McGowan, and soon after, the financing followed. The film was produced, titled "Dead Awake" and was distributed theatrically by First Look across the USA.

Cast of "The Sorrow" include Michael Madsen as Sheriff Sawyer, is best known for his wise guy role in "Reservoir Dogs." John Savage who portrays Father Bill made a major splash with The Deer Hunter (1978), winner of the 1979 Best Picture Oscar. Other cast include, Latin American beauty, Yvonne DeLaRosa as Maria Hazzard, Ruben Chato Hinojosa who is a Texas raised member of the Lipan Apache Nation and proud heritage of the Mescalero Apache tribe, plays Yellow Bear. Additional cast include Matt Bradford, Kelly Parks, Larry Freeland, Curt Copher and Steven Meyers.

Rogue Arts has put together indefectible talent making smart and profitable movies. The superb cinematography to the well fitted filmed score is expected to be a box office hit as "The Sorrow" returns western movies to the big screen in 2013. 

However, as the movie went for screening, the completed film was sold in February 2013 and comes out on DVD and VOD May of 2013 by Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment.and released under a new title "A Sierra Nevada Gunfight." 

Kirk Harris as Roger Hazzard from the movie "The Sorrow" released under the title
"A Sierra Nevada Gunfight."
Director Vernon Mortensen with actor Michael Madsen
John Savage as Sheriff Sawyer
Kirk Harris from the movie "The Sorrow"
"A Sierra Nevada Gunfight."
Ryan Ballance acting debut  "A Sierra Nevada Gunfight." 

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