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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chuckwagon Cooking

Cowboys and Chuckwagon Cooking would like too thank everyone who submitted photos for the 2013 facebook cover for chuckwagon cooking.  Congratulations to the winners receiving the most likes by the members of the cooking forum.  We would also like to extend our sincere appreciation and support from the businesses that provided prizes.  

JOE and VICKI JONES with Western Range Catering

First Place award:  Goes to Joe and Vicki Jones who operate Western Range Catering.   While home is in the beautiful state of Wyoming, Joe and Vicki  have operated their late 1800's original Peter Shuttler wagon throughout the midwest including Texas, Colorado and Arizona.  As our frist place winner, they will be receiving a custom three piece Hand Forged cooking set, consisting of Copper Dipper  Ladle, Fork and Spatula featuring iron long handles with rat tail curl for hanging. Each piece beautifully designed and hand forged by superior blacksmith craftsmanship of Richard Heinicke.

Cara Wilson - Bell Ranch Chuckwagon
 Second Place:   Cara Wilson submitted this beautiful photo of the Bell Ranch Chuckwagon.  At the reins driving the horse drawn wagon is renown cook, Kent Rollins from Red River Ranch Catering.  Kent, who has earn a reputation as a champion chuckwagon cook has received many awards competing and won a Throw Down Competition against Food Network Iron Chef, Bobby Flay.  He also appeared on Food Network's Chopped, competing on "Grill Masters."  Cara, is the wife of Ranch Manager, Kris Wilson who incorporated traditional western heritage in their spring round-up during 2012 returning the chuckwagon to the ranch after being restored by Wayne's Wagon Works and contracting Kent as head cook providing all the meals for the working cowboys.  Bell Ranch is a division of the Silver Spur Ranch.  Cara will be receiving a Cast iron table top serving item provided by Lodge Manufacturing.  Founded by Joseph Lodge in 1896, Lodge has been producing quality cookware earning many awards through the years in addition too positive reviews by Good Housekeeping and Fine Dining Magazine. 

Wayne Calk  Sunrise

Third Place: Wayne Calk's photo of his John Deere Chuckwagon during a sunrise camp set up.  Wayne, who has been competiting in chuckwagon cooking for nearly two decades was elected President of the American Chuck Wagon Association in 2013.  He will be receiving a spice package provided by Sweet Mom's BBQ Rubs.   Located in Katy, Texas, Sweet Mom's provides the perfect selection with their BBQ, Poultry, Citrus and Brisket Rubs spices that will enhance any dish for the ultimate great taste.  

To enjoy a wonderful forum about chuckwagons, western history, cooking with cast iron, join us on facebook at chuckwagon cookingAgain congratulations to all the winners and our utmost appreciation to all those who submitted the many photos of cowboy cooking.  

For a list of chuckwagon competitions across the nation, visit the American Chuck Wagon Association.  You don't have to own a wagon to become a member and support the heritage of western culture and the cowboy way.

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