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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cow Camp Cookery

Recently, I received an amazing cook book titled "Cow Camp Cookery", written by Dave McDowell. It is far more than just a collection of recipes. The content covers the customs, conventions and chow of the campfire crusader that will grip the interest of any reader. The pages are lined with stories, quick quotes, and pictures that kept me intrigued as I turned each page. This is the best put together cookbook that has come along in a long time that earns my highest recommendation and is a must read.

2013 best Cookbook of the Year

About the author:

Dave McDowell has over 50 years of experience cooking outdoors in just about every environment. Today, as a historian and member of the American Chuck Wagon Association, he operates the Biscuits Flats Chuck Wagon team with cooking partner Kris Kircher. They cater and perform cowboy cooking demonstrations across the western United States. The team also professionally competes in Cooking Competitions earning many awards and championships. Additionally, he has been featured on PBS cooking show with Chef Todd English and seen on the Food Network demonstrating his honed skills of cow camp cooking.

Dave was raised along the Colorado mountain side, although as a teen, his family moved to Arizona. Enlisting
Dave McDowell
into the military, Dave was trained in outdoor cooking by the largest camping outfit in the world, the United States Army.  He attended the Cooks and Bakers School at Fort Huachuca, Arizona developing his skills of culinary arts mastering cooking in any environment.  After his enlistment in the US Army, Dave took his cooking and outdoor survival skills to the public teaching campers and back packers with an outdoor program entitled, "Know your Resources Workshop."  Part of the course was the use of dutch oven cooking and the safe use of camp fires.

Although Dave's skills extend beyond culinary arts including the history and foods of the early pioneers. Though his vase research, he preserves the history of the west from early ranching, the cattle drives, camp recipes and chuck wagons. A volunteer with the Chandler Museum, he was instrumental creating the Chandler Chuck Wagon Cook-Off held annually in Chandler, Arizona. He truly is one of America's most knowledgeable individuals dealing with the history of the chuckwagon's and their use throughout the North American Ranches.

Today, Dave and his wife Lynda continue to make their home in Arizona living in Chandler and retreating to their mountain get away in Linden, Arizona. His book is a proven art of Dave's expertise in the field of Camp Cooking. A must have book for every enthusiast of the outdoors who enjoys camping, hiking or hunting where food is more than just a staple of one's appetite. "Cow Camp Cookery" can be ordered secured - on line through Paypal for $20.00 plus $3.50 shipping and handling using a major credit card at email or request mailing address for purchases using a check by mail.


What others are saying:  

"Just received my book yesterday, Thanks! Can't wait to try it out." - Mona Gallenbeck

"I have had the honor and privileged of cooking with Dave McDowell on the Biscuit Flats Chuckwagon and highly recommend this investment opportunity to obtain his cookbook."  -Mark Wilkins

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