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Sunday, January 15, 2017

How I built a Sheepherders Wagon

If you ever were planning on restoring a horse drawn wagon, Robert (Bob) Heavirland's new book, 

"How I built a Sheepsherders Wagon" A Tiny House on Wheels 

is a must read. Although, even if restoration of a wagon is not in your future, the book will excite you with stories from the history of wagons to the days of the authors father, Murray R. Heavirland who at age 16, hired on with a rancher to herd sheep during the Great Depression era.   

Robert (Bob) Heavirland is a retired engineer who has worked with large manufactures during his life including Andersen Windows and FMC Corporation. While researching information on sheepwagons, Bob found you could find plans, but little information that assisted in being helpful. Whether construction a full scale wagon or building a model, readers will understand how a sheepherders wagon was constructed.  In his book, you will see his extreme focus to the attention to detail.  Over 100 color photographs help illustrate readers with the do's and the don'ts that aid in restoring any wagon correctly.  His book is a clear path from the start to finish. 

Bob, not only has fully restored his sheepwagon as a memory of his father, but also restored a 19th century chuck wagon where he along with his wife Vicki and son, Patrick have competed in several food competitions around the United States. Additionally, the wagon team has performed many demonstrations of how cowboys lived who worked the cattle drives of the late 1800's.  Among restoring wagons, Bob and his son Patrick enjoy aviation where father and son are both license pilots. Together, the two have also restored their personal aircraft, Bob's 1948, Aeronca 11CC Super Chief and Patrick's 1946 Aeronca 11AC Chief.  

His book is available through Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop 
or write directly too  

8700 285th Ave NE
North Branch, MN 55056

Beautiful restored wagons sell for thousands of dollars. This one available for
$39,000 through Hansen Wheels and Wagon Shop. 

Bob's finished sheep wagon. Inside, the small quarters provide living accommodations for the herder.    
His wife, Vicki helps paint the lettering on
Bob's wagon completing the final restoration.  


Robert (Bob) Heavirland standing left with son Patrick, standing right

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