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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcom to the Chandler, Arizona Chuck Wagon Cook-Off

I just received this video from my dear friend Mark Wilkins who is a superb Chuck Wagon Cook. His knowledge of the trail drives, the cook wagons and the duties of a camp cook surpasses many historians.

I had wrote about the competition in the Chandler, Arizona - Chuck Wagon Cook-off  in November 2010 but had to bring this video out for our readers who can appreciate life of the cattle drives and food from the Chuck wagon.  

Chandler, Arizona Chuck Wagon Cook-Off 
(Part - One)

Chandler, Arizona Chuck Wagon Cook-Off 
(Part - Two)

I would like to extend our appreciation to the City of Chandler, Arizona. Their Chamber of Commerce, Parks and Recreation, the Sponsors and most of all the teams who participated. Hope all of you take time to enjoy the video as it is a two part video. 

Rocking RR Chuck Wagon

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